Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DIY Do it Yourself Days

i even made the necklace myself
with the economy the way it is these days and the ever-increasing abundance of discarded things at garage sales, estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores, DIY seems to be more and more the trend.  i have never been much of a sander or a furniture restorer, however, with furniture being so expensive, i made a commitment to pick up some skills starting out with a few small items.  i found a beautiful desk accesory box at a santa barbara thrift store and picked up a robin's egg blue paint and actually did it. so inspired was i by the DIY thing that i began to make my own linen pillow covers with hand-crocheted trim and have used my ingenuity to the max, using recycled linen from the same stores.

so it' sbeen all about putting together the guest room over the past several days. i first decided on the colors a while back, aqua and beige with a bit of tan in between.  remember that blanket i crocheted in those colors?  over the years i had collected quite a few pictures in that palette too as well as some decorative items so all that was missing was putting it all together. 
 so the vision of a guest room has slowly begun to take place.  i also found a really dirty champagne bucket that has sprung to life after hours and hours of scrubbing with brasso, revealing a beauty that had probably been hiding for years.  my intent is to use it as a vase for now.

and then, walking through trader joe's lo and behold, peonies.  i hadn't seen peonies in quite a long while and these are just stunning.  i feel suddenly productive again after a lull.


Mar said...

Todo dice tanto de ti, todo tiene tanto detalle. All it's just you. So you.
I live this post
Saluditos mi querida desde Toronto, Canada

Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

La economía podrida de los últimos tiempos es la excusa perfecta para poner nuestros talentos a buen uso.El único problema de tu guest room es que los guests no se van a ir más, se van a quedar a vivir!!! jajajaja

maría cecilia said...

tu linen pillow case ha superado todas mis expectativas!!! realmente te quedó maravillosa!!!!!!!! y me muero por ver qué otros muebles vas a comenzar a pintar y restaurar, y las cortinas (en burlap?) se ven re lindas, ese dormitorio de alojados va a quedar un sueño realmente. Veo un cabecera blanca (??), quiro verla bien en todo su esplendor, muéstrala más, ya??

maría cecilia said...

cuando vengas a chile trae un poco de robin´s egg blue paint, porfa!!!!

maría cecilia said...

volvio mi amigui!!!! el collar está hermoso también, todo este post lo es... te re felicito!!!!

Mammka said...

How beautiful these old things!
Thank you, my readers that you have become!
Very nice blog! I also love to recycle fabrics and objects.
Mammka from Hungary

KathyB. said...

Oh you have done it up beautifully in my palette of choice. You are right about being able to pick up so many nice things at a good price.

The champagne bucket is a special piece, sometimes the treasure is hidden at home... I have got to clean out my guest room closet!

ale said...

connie querida!!!!!!!!!!!! quéeeee bellezas!!!! el amohadoncito es lo más lindo que vi!!!!! esa tela y tu puntilla al crochet....una totallll belllllleza!!...me fascinan los colores que elgiste para el cuarto de huespedes!!!!me encantaría ver más!!! y el collar tan lindo y el mueble y la champagnera..... es todo muy inspirador y te dan más ganas de seguir transformando bellezas!!!!! me encanta esta especial relacion con los objetos encontrados y lucidos!!!! una hermosura de post y llleno de energía connie!!!!!!! te mando millones de besos y todo mi corazónnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

audrey said...

Hi Constanza!! Your guest room is going to be beautiful. I love your choice of colors ~ very soothing. You are so talented, Constanza. How wonderful that you are able to create things to use in your home. The pillow is really nice and the bucket will make a gorgeous vase. It has much detail on it.
Sorry I have been absent. The past month has been hectic! I am slowly getting back to a normal routine.
Happy Summer, Constanza. It is VERY hot here ~ in the high 90s. I hope it cools down soon.
♥ audrey

raquel said...

es un disfrute total tu entrada besos

eli said...

Ahhh cuánto lindo! pero ahora tengo curiosidad por ver cómo te quedó el guest room!

the growers daughter said...

It looks lovely. What a beautiful creation.

hapi said...

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