Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sobre las nubes vuela el aliento

every minute counts here, therefore my economy of words. but, above all, puerto varas is in the 10th region of Chile where it is usually either cloudy, drizzling or otright raining for days so the weather we have been having is an exception, we relish every second of sunshine.  every single day has been filled with natural beauty.

chiloe, main island near castro

volcan osorno, totoral road



audrey said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful horse. I love the stone girl! What an enchanting place Chile is. I would have never known if not for your lengthy visit there.
Cute picture of you looking up at the tree.
♥ audrey

sukey said...

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i think it will be a great workshop and hope it fits your schedule.

Rebeca Domínguez said...

Hola Connie: qué buenas fotos de Puerto Varas, se vé que lo stás disfrutando.

Voy a andar por el sur luego, voy a Pucón el 14 de febrero, ¿nos veremos?

Felíz que pases a quedarte unos dias.


audrey said...

Constanza, it is:


Nice to see your comment this morning. I think it would be a good thing for many to be able to go away for a month or so and get refreshed. Some peaceful time away from the rat race is good for the heart and the soul. I know I could sure use some quiet alone time.
Enjoy your remaining time in Chile, my friend.
♥ audrey

Marlene said...

Me encanta tu blog! You take the most beautiful pictures.