Monday, February 28, 2011

I Blog therefore I am, Part 2

my picture window to the world today

backgrounds by brenda starr and ruby blossom on flickr who, by the way, are another window altogether


Colorin Colorado... said...


audrey said...

Your words on why you Blog are beautiful, Constanza. From all I've seen and all I've read since first our paths did cross, you are a beautiful lady with a beautiful soul who simply loves life and what it has to offer, enjoys the gifts of life, and knows that God provided us with these gifts.
♥ audrey

Auntie Bliss said...

By all means about that vacation home! Would that be incredible on top of incredible or what!
Why you also why I do :)
and it is free!

Mar said...

Please, don't you ever stop bogging cause even though I don't comment every time you post, I read all your entries.
I have a very fond admiration for the way you see art.
Saludos muy cariñosos desde Canada