Thursday, August 6, 2009

Favor Re-bobinar-Rewind Please

it's a bit chilly right now, as i make my descent through the snow
but below lies the valley
things can get a little mirky sometimes. although we "think" we are in control, the phases of the moon, unforseen events, metabolic biorhythmic catastrophes, moods, awakenings, disappointments can throw us into a surprise confrontatation or avoidance of what's directly in front of us. and let's face it, we "change", period.

i have a "right" to lose it once in a while. why keeping it all "together", apparently normal and stable and "il faut' isn't "normal" at all. how else could I STOP and re-evaluate, think things over, rewind? that is what is happening to me at the moment. Crisis? Welcome. I need to stop, i need to evaluate, i need to assess what is really important and by questioning, discarding false beliefs i purge myself moment by moment without that old time "feeling sorry for myself". it is a natural step in the right direction -forward-towards the realization that all is 'within", that very little or nothing is necessary to be whole as a human being.

so as you read my blog in the near future you will notice a self-centredness, a deliberate focusing on myself as I do precisely THAT, REWIND.

am i a chameleon? i hope so, in the human sense, striving to become a pure, clearer, giving, aware, human being

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