Sunday, July 5, 2009

I have been away, literally, with very little time to write. What a couple of weeks! Emotions, emotions and more emotions: the much-promised, much-awaited trip from Chile by my best friend Paty and her sister-in-law Fran plus a re-encounter with a high school friend I hadn't seen since I was 14 years old have taken me on a whirlwind week and landed me flat in bed for a three hour nap after dropping them off at the airport. Paty is a live wire, non-stop energy and excitement for life. Me being a slow mo person, an introvert and much more private went into overdrive and almost collapsed. But what memories. We have been literally everywhere in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, stopping one night in Solvang and spending and losing at the Chumash Casino.

Friends have a way of awakening things in you that you might have missed along the way. Awareness brought back into full focus. So many discussions and conversations over our different paths and tastes and the things that motivate us. We learn from each other.

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