Sunday, July 26, 2009

one of the balconies

the beginnings of decorating my new space
i am poor again; one of the zeros and ones of the world but loving it. i have moved into a small townhouse with two large balconies where i can pretend some more with container gardening. it is filled with light, spotless is how i received it and spotless i plan to keep it. there is a water cascade out in the common grounds, a soothing flow of water so necessary for the soul. and the grounds are covered with beautiful trees, impatiens, agapanthus and all sorts of plants and bushes. and it is quiet, has charm and is called Hacienda Camarillo. it even has a pool, much needed too in this 90 degree weather we are encountering in California.

i am almost moved in. most of my art supplies remain behind and yet to be packed. but most of the essentials are here with me.

i have made the resolution to sell, sell sell as many of my collectibles as i can. no more clutter except in the art closet. a minimalist wall here, some folk art there, but in general-open spaces, no tripping and feeling like the walls are talking to you every square inch. i can live with the visual acquisition through blogs and the outdoors, i no longer need to OWN. other than my religious treasures which i have collected over years in order to one day build a real shrine/grotto on my farm, i will accumulate NOTHING, or so says the reformed collector of all things vintage-beautiful-unique-OOAK-eccentric-exotic. it has been liberating so far except for the parting from my 300 plus books and magazines which i will store in boxes for now and sell only a few.

i am up bright and early, in my car and driving around, joining Meetup Groups in order not to feel the shock of living alone for the first time in my life. my children will now fly, the nest will be empty and no boyfriends or men around to cater to. just me for a while until Bill makes up his mind to go for a long walk on the beach, kneel down and propose to me once and for all! Do you hear me Bill? Enough beating around the bush, I have waited 9 years for you. 9 solid years of YOU in my heart, hopeless romantic, hoping against hope that you would shed your fears and say YES, through thick and thin you will always be my friend.


chad-roscoe said...

Your space looks beautiful. I hope you will be very happy there!
Can I buy you a chocolate milk shake sometime?

Renee said...

Constanza, so many life changes you are going through right now. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope things work out the way you want.