Friday, May 29, 2009

i have been so slow this week. just running out of steam the older i get. problem is i have more ideas than ever before and so intensely want to do everything. my body and my mind though just can't handle that many stimuli any more.

however, i still like to visit other blogs and read what my fellow-artists are up to. today, after receiving a mail from Susan Sorrel happened on a fantastic blog at she has the most beautiful fabric collages and touches on an array of artistic subjects is you would like to visit. She also has classes at Collage Camp
and adding to her talents, a giving spirit as she is also having two terrific Giveaways this month and who doesn't like a shopping spree once in a while to pamper the soul?


Anonymous said...

hola amiga!
de que parte de Chile sos?
Yo soy de Rio Gallegos..auqnue ahora vivo hace mucho en Buenos extraña el pago!

kiwicarole said...

Hi there, couldn't find an email addy for you. The bottle tops are from a beer that is locally brewed 30 mins from our house. You can see more at:
I don't know if you can buy this beer overseas.
Thanks for dropping by my blog!