Sunday, May 3, 2009

how can i keep from singing happy birthday beautiful

pete seeger 90 years old today
an american treasure

How Can I keep from Singing?
My life goes on in endless song
Above earths lamentations,I hear the real, though far-off hymnThat hails a new creation.Through all the tumult and the strifeI hear its music ringing,It sounds an echo in my soul.How can I keep from singing? While though the tempest loudly roars,I hear the truth, it liveth.And though the darkness round me close,Songs in the night it giveth.No storm can shake my inmost calm,While to that rock I'm clinging.Since love is lord of heaven and earthHow can I keep from singing? When tyrants tremble in their fearAnd hear their death knell ringing,When friends rejoice both far and nearHow can I keep from singing? In prison cell and dungeon vileOur thoughts to them are winging,When friends by shame are undefiledHow can I keep from singing?
happy birthday beautiful


Anonymous said...

Hola Constanza, he visto tu blog, he escuchado en YouTube a este hombre, y he escuchado en las noticias q a esta celebración iba a asistir otro hombre, q me gusta mucho y q se llama Silvio Rodríguez. Al final por tonteras de fronteras humanas no fue.
Un beso,

nancy said...

Connie, I don't know how I missed knowing about this. One of my greatest heroes, mentors and inpirations, Pete Seeger and his life and song helped to shape my world view when I was just becoming an adult. I was a folk singer back then, singing many of his works and always listening to him and the Weavers and all the other greats of the era.
I join you in wishing this beautiful man a happy 90th birthday!
Thank you so much for this post!