Monday, September 1, 2008

"Death Rabbit" The Musicians in the family

Art runs in the family. A musician(Jon), a visual artist (ME), now we need a writer. Yet I don't think Tatiana will be the one to write although she does write in her journal. Who knows, she might.

I am so proud of Jon and Adam and their first Death Rabbit CD titled "Bottom of Abyss". The CD cover was designed by his girlfriend Ashley and all the photos taken by a local aspiring photographer.

Their first venue is next Friday playing with several bands from the Ventura County area. Ofcourse Mom will have front row tickets and will clap and cheer the loudest.

Once again, it can be done. With perseverance, patience and commitment they have put together the band, had the CDs taped, labelled and packaged. They practive every single night, sometimes way into dawn and they have launched a mass campaign over the web and indie sites to make it happen.

This is success. Even if they don't make it big, they have followed their dream and stuck to it with a tear bringing motto:

Pay now, Play later.

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