Monday, September 8, 2008

My Brain is in Overdrive

Oh how I long for a whole month with myself, by my myself and for myself. The closest I've come to relaxation was the camping trip to Los Padres National Forest with my brother's side of the family a few weeks ago. And parts of the trip up to Pleasanton.

What I need is a good dose of Nature, fresh air, the breeze waving through the trees, picking wildflowers, cooking outdoors, feeling free.

I think the Journal has taken alot out of me. Almost eighty pages. Now that I look back, it's a wonder that I am about to complete it. I could have taken it slower, but I tend to move towards other things and feared it would lie on my art table with half a heartbeat and ultimately die from oblivion. So I committed to it. It's been almost two full months of nothing but the journal pages, hardly any sewing, a few ATCS in between and literally no new creations for my etsy shop.

Yet I don't regret it. I am now working on the cover. It will be three dimensional and have some found objects on it.

I have managed to read and follow some of my favorite blogs and sellers and recently purchased a poetry book titled "Summer Ghosts" by Cathy Cullis Cathy Cullis What a breath of fresh air. She does everything with so much grace and imbues her art with such subtlety. To think I was one of her first followers on etsy. Almost like it was meant to be-the finding of her.

At night I get to read and watch a few good movies, luckily ran into a great Pavarotti documentary on PBS last night which I think I will get for Bernardita's birthday since she loves opera so much. Reading Isabel Allende's latest Memoir and just cracking up with her usual humour and anecdotes. Her photo album on her blog is an example of this is Isabelallende I have probably read all her books at this point except the children's trilogy.

I must slow down. My voracious spirit must stop and process now and defragment lest it become nebulous clusters of mush.

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