Sunday, October 5, 2014

mandy patullo came from the border between england and scotland to teach 
at french general. what a treat! alrhough we only got her for six hours, we were able to hear her interesting philosophy on the use of vintage fabrics. i got very little done while there preferring to chat with mary and syd and donna and nola and sandy and colleen and susan and kaari and molly and even mandy herself. when i create, i prefer silence and no interruption and i also need time to plan the layout of the fabrics; it doesn't just come to me. but it is finished just waiting for the curtain rings to be hung.
ofcourse i couldn't just make one. this one is still a work in progress at the moment since i had a few other things fluttering in my mind.
like this smaller fabric collage pinnie.

but then came the paints. and a few entries into the moleskin.

i'm trying to practice a bit more with the effects of different mediums on brown paper

and the fabulous stabilo pencil
and just a plain mechanical pencil

and then back to embroidery again
flowers in our home are often an inspiration

and yes, there has been the seaside, but that's a whole new story.


audrey said...

Oh, how you inspire me, Constanza!!

Starr White said...

I am always deeply impressed by your seemingly endless creativity. How I wish I could find it myself!

PeregrineBlue said...

Thank you Audrey. I love being a kid in the art room.