Thursday, September 26, 2013

from small talk to action

as most of you who read my blog or follow my photographs, i switch back and forth between painting and stitching.
as you can see, these have been a stitching couple of weeks.

well, sorta kinda because some of the pieces are more mixed media as in the above pctured book cover and family crest.

but below...the labour of love.  labour intensive since it was embroidered with single threads.  it is a pam garrison template i bought on etsy.  i didn't realize when i bought it that the details were tinier than tiny, but being the perseverer that i am, i just began.  one stitch, one thread at a time.  it took me almost two weeks to complete.  i added a little border in patchwork to give it the finishing touch and it is now framed in my bedroom.  

below, more embroidery with a seaside twist inspired by carolyn saxby in st. ives, one of my favorite fabric artists who recently sent me one her mixed media seaside hearts.

and then.......somewhere over the rainbow also in single thread for a chunky fabric book i am working on, stop and go since it is also labour intensive.  since this photograph a few moremwords have been completed as well as other significant pages.

this is a detail of one of the fabric book spreads, the ever present warmth of hearth and home.

when i am in need of a mantra, i choose repetitive stitches
 if all goes well, this circle will continue growing concentrically until it is huge.

only last night did i return to my faces
it always surprises me that they usually look so innocent, between childhood and adolescence.  i don't intend them to be that way, they just go their own way with the ebb and flow of the pen and pencil movements.
i love the expression on this sweet face.

 these last two are a bit older, having gotten lost in my hardrive, practices in pencil and ink pens both part of a bookmark that now marks the spot in my present readings.
and what are these you might ask?  well....two miniature portraits on oyster shells  a-la lynne hoppe to be scattered at point lobos also a-la lynne next week as we head up the california coast.
at least this lady looks a bit more adult-ish.
please pardon the difficulties in posting since i am now mainly using my ipad which is not user friendly at all for blogging. 
well that is the jist of it for now, hope to see you on the road.


Sherri B. said...

Your creativity truly inspires me...looking at your work makes my heart smile. So beautiful! Color and texture are two of my favorite things, and your work is overflowing with it. Thank you for sharing!

audrey said...

Hi sweet Constanza. I admire your patience. There are a LOT of stitches in all this artwork you have done. I love to stitch, but find little time. Your theme of "love" and "home" comes through with all you create. All of your faces have hints of innocence in them. So sweet and beautiful.
I think of you often, my friend. Enjoy your coastal adventure.
xxoo audrey

lynne h said...

constanza, i have just had a super nutritious art meal... i am stuffed to overflowing; thank you... everything that you set your hands to nourishes me. it doesn't matter if it's stitched or painted. it fills me up...


rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

I love your work, the stitches and faces and then some!

irene said...

what lovely work. i admire the detailed stitching you have shown here. and the faces.... wow! thank you for this amazing showing. it has been a treat to visit.

eralamaga said...

Que lindo todo Constanza!!! Me enamoré del círculo..ojalá crezca y crezca!!!!!!! Y ojalá algún día yo aprenda a bordar!!! Besos!!!

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

Your little needlwork projects are beautiful. I have several projects on the go for the same reason - some are so detailed that it's nice to work on something quicker, for the break. I love your family crest and the little sea inspired piece.

tia o'c said...

Thanks very much for visiting my site and blog and for the compliments! I have been following your blog for a while now, I find everything you make truly inspiring!

Lynn Holland said...

I agree with you about blogging on the iPad it's quite difficult. So happy to have come across your work Constanza and thank you for the lovely comments on mine :)