Thursday, August 22, 2013

a long long long walk on the beach-paradise

at last permission to breathe and more than that to be in touch with that utmost of energies...
NATURE, the ultimate artist, the ultimate everything in my eyes.  no wonder artists pursue imitating nature to bring it closer, into their homes, seize it somehow.

you see, my man is a little aged to do these things with me as much as he would like to.  at most we ride our bikes around our home.  so i asked him for permission to go with a friend who lives in santa barbara. and he obliged. 

how could i avoid going when these treasures were awaiting?

how could i avoid going when it is pure light!

and where beauty is free in every sense of the word?

ofcourse i came home with pockets full.....i even refused to brush the sand off me feet.

i love barnacles.
and as you walk,
all those textures and colors in every shade of the rainbow?

a little critter blowing bubbles in a miniature rock cave whispered to me...come hither and there i spent a good five minutes looking him in the eye, my day's communion.
and then at evening time to look back
and think,
why don't i do this more often? explain to richard that it is a matter of life and death to me.
i just feel guilty i guess, leaving him at home.
but deep down inside i know he understands, he knows my earthiness and would never deny me the right.
so now i have proposed to him that he come along and bring a book to read in the car while i stroll.

and then to end the day with paper and colored pencils inspired by other nature lovers.
who do these remind you of? 
yes, lynne and carolyn.  lynne right here in my back yard, carolyn in st. ives where i used to vacation as a child growing up in england. she is making me a custom made seaside heart like the one pictured.
oh the magic of synchronicity!
communion in deeds.


Sherri B. said...

Ahhhh, how wonderful to take in your lovely photos...and also your words. The ocean has such a special place in my heart. And I agree with you about nature/art - it is always the dominating presence in my poetry writing. Thank you for sharing!

Ciripbogár said...

Bello, bello, il mare!

judie said...

It seemed I took that walk with you. Such treasures you brought home. Perhaps you could take a beach chair, and your love could sit there while you stroll, and that way could enjoy the sights and sounds that you are loving.

Barbara A Mizzoni Young said...

What a lovely post. The pictures are vivid and your prose flows freely from the heart. Reading past posts I realize you are immensely talented. Such simple works yet exquisite in their detail. I love everything about it.

Visiting from postcards from paradise.

Barbara @

judie said...

Hi, I'm back! Just wanted to say I soooooo appreciate your comment. It went straight to my heart, and I know you understand that. :)

lynne h said...

constanza! i'm just seeing this post!!

smiling, so big... : )

yes, we *need* nature! this summer i've been thinking about how water 'sparkles' us. i feel completely 'sparkled' after this summer of much creek walking...

i'm so glad you got to spend this time by the ocean. i see you sparkling. : )