Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{dreaming of spring}

i've been short on words.

it's simply that i am not a winter person.  at all. i seek color and a long day's journey into night. everywhere in my home, colors reign and lots of whimsey mixed in with traditional decor. i believe i suffer from seasonal disorder.

having postponed our trip to chile (days of nightmares prior to flying told me the time wasn't right) we are missing the latin summer in exchange for chilly sunny days in ventura. i cannot put my finger on the reasons that made me decide to remain close to home, maybe a feeling that it was too soon after the move to the new house or maybe the trauma of all the things that happened to me while i was there for almost a year. i am still trying to figure it out since i so love chile. 

the trade off: cozy days of watching "downton abbey", lighting the fire and home cooking as well as a birthday daytrip into hollywood to see "wicked" at the pantages.
january is almost over and i added another ring around the tree, 56. alot to think about or not think about. instead, pampering, self pampering and more pampering.  i chose the set of teacups pictured as one of my presents and put two more sets (on etsy ofcourse) on my wish list for valentines.

so i swiftly veer my attention from the morbid thoughts of ageing to the bulbs in the garden which are beginning to pop up and the four new roses that have gone in the ground.  i discovered an amazing rose by the name of "julio iglesias" that i can't wait to see bloom against the greens in my garden. i had seen it in a garden in mexico when we rented our friend's condo, remember? and searched high and low until i found it.

i have also been sifting through my stacks of seeds, planning on how to lay out what i intend to be an english garden. i prefer messy gardens to manicured gardens and must have a few wild flowers sown in among the classics.  like yarrow and cosmos and tiny violets along the borders. a few vegetables will go in the ground too, kale and snap peas and later on in the season a few beefsteak tomatoes climbing up bamboo teepees.

for inspiration, i make my semi-monthly run to barnes and noble to browse through all the decoration and craft magazines, picking up two:

there is a quietness about, i just haven't been in the mood for talking much, or even sharing the questions in my soul but life is stirring under the earth in my garden waiting to bloom at any moment. and being a spring and summer person, i will bloom with them.

i've managed to make some progress on this fabric collage i've had stacked away in my craft basket and have another embroidery in the works.

and splatter the house with color

i have found so many great ideas to make on several websites lately and must gather the momentum to begin which is always the hard thing for me.

in the coming days,  i promise to post a medley of the projects that have impressed me the most, as i have regularly in the past. 

"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony." Thomas Merton
i am joining in
teacup tuesday


Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

I don't think shortness of words is one of your problems, my "old" friend....age isn't either...
It could be that just like me, you are sun powered. El invierno no es fun así que ojo cuando decidís venir al sur! Te extrañaré hasta entonces y
te deseo un mega happy birthday!!!

Hojas que caen..... said...

Viaja dentro de tu alma, ahí está la respuesta.Besos.Olga.

bohemiannie! art said...

It's ok to have these 'seasons' of the heart...just keep looking for the beauty of it and you'll be - you are - wonderfully fine.

Terri said...

I am there with you! I am just about to put another ring on the tree too, which will make it 53. So we are close in age, and stage. I am thinking lately that the 50s are quite the time for reflection and making new plans!
Your post today is so full of beauty, I am thinking it reflects your soul...
Every image is lovely to see and experience, you share some absolutely stunning tea cups!

Your art piece is fabulous! Wow! I love all your tiny perfect details.
Thank you for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday, I have enjoyed visiting you.

espe said...

Me gusta mucho las tazas que has puesto, es como el libro de Rosamunde Pilcher, sus juegos de té vintage...
Me gustan siempre tus reflexiones,

Faded Plains said...

I know what you mean about feeling a little off during winter. In the midwest, it can be rather harsh...but we've been very lucky this year with a beautiful, mild winter. Your teacups and dishes are so beautiful...what a great collection.

Georgianna said...

Hi Connie, Your photos are beautiful and your teacups, lovely! I hope your trip to Chile works out as you most want it to. It's important to pay attention to how such a journey feels and do it when it is right. Wishing you joyful moments in the midst of winter. xo – g

maría cecilia said...

hay que puro hacerle caso a las intuiciones (o pesadillas)... bien por ti pero por acá se te extraña mucho...

demasiado lindas tus tacitas y jarritos!!

Mar said...

You are just in a season change my mom would have said, so embrace it, enjoy it and have lots of fun creating.
My trip is almost here and I can't wait to meet you, wow, finally meeting the California version of Violeta Parra!!!
"There is only one success, to spend your life in your own way."
- Christopher Morley

xoxo your way Connie, I'll see yah soon!!!

audrey said...

This is a beautiful post. I love that you share your beautiful china and your thoughts.
Chile will still be there when you feel the time is right to go. Your apprehension make me think that you are wise to stay close to home right now feeling warm and cozy, enjoying the newness of it all.
PLEASE please email me your new address. I have something to send you.
♥ audrey

Rick Beerhorst said...

I love those vessels. Your blog is itself a beautiful vessel filled with treasure. All a wonderful find tonight.