Wednesday, August 24, 2011

life is a sort of coded message

 on reading Rilke
"the wind turns the pages...."
we live a strange book, wherein we advance, line by line, without having the right to read the next page before the wind has turned it; but we possess the privilege of returning to a passage we have read before, and seeing it reappear before our eyes. and we do this especially when the wind has risen, and a leaf has trembled under our fingers.
hiking in los padres national forest- becoming, constantly becoming
to read him (Rilke) and to love him is not to achieve an act of faith in a dogmatic theory, but is to admit that lyricism and the inner life belong to other necessities than the laws of society and submission to visible phenomena. (from page 25 of Rainer Maria Rilke: His Last Friendship).


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Divina la foto, sublime Rilke.