Sunday, March 27, 2011

a patch of blue

the week, it rained.  it rained alot. so i spent most of it indoors listening to that pitter patter on the pavement below.  but what i liked most about the indoorness was the time i got to play house and conjur up a new handmade item for one of the bedrooms, a hand-crocheted cotton nap/lap blanket in pastels.  it is not quite finished yet but well on its way. 

see how far it's come?

12 spools of cotton so far and another 8 to go

with the help of these

and the light that is finally filtering into my bedroom

from my sunlit balcony which is inspired by my friend
chichi's enamelware collection

and pretty soon i will be able to step into my boots and
go for hikes again, those long missed walks on country roads

i am linking to faded charm cottage


Mar said...

What a goodie bunch of beautiful things.
I love the blanket, the colours are perfect with each other.

maría cecilia said...

este post es tan pero tan homy... me fascina!!!! Tu nido es bello, cozy y amoroso amiga, me encanta el aroma a hogar.
te quiero

audrey said...

The blanket is beautiful - I LOVE the blue and beige color combination. You make beautiful things with your hands. The enamelware is so pretty with the the colorful flowers in it.
Your home looks cozy!
♥ audrey

eli said...

Connie, preciosos los colores que elegiste para tu manta! He comenzado a retomar el crochet que dejé hace unos años, y tu manta es más que inspiradora.
Un encanto tu hogar todo!

KathyB. said...

So pretty, and in colors I love! Your bedroom looks peaceful and the flowers in enamel ware, so spring-like!

A perfect way to spend a rainy spring day. You are so creative.

Georgina said...

que divina!!!!! Constanza dan ganas de estar ahi mientras llueve, parece tan acogedra tu casa!!
Un beso y a seguir con la manta!!!

Colorin Colorado... said...

Ya basta de lluvia!!!! Hoy por fin se asomó el solcito por éstos rincones así que voy a aprovechar para salir de la cueva. No caminatas lamentablemente, solo freeway :(
Me encanta tu crochet!!!

Deborah said...

You have spent your time indoors well!!
Very beautiful and looks so cozy!
I love that enamel plant container...sooooo pretty!

Deborah xo

ale said...

connie querida!!!!!!!!!!!!aqui estoy recien llegada de un paseo por salta y poniendome al día con mis amiguitas como vos!!!!me encanta lo amorosa por tanto amor que se ve tu casa,,,tu crochet esta divino!! los colores y ese ondulado!!!!bello ,bello tu rincon con chichi inspiration,,,ese solcito que esta entrando a tu ventana es una invitación a seguir tejiendo afuera y a disfrutarlo en el cuerpo!! qué lindo connie!!!!!!!te mando miles de abrazon y todo mi corazon!!!!!!!!!

Anita said...

Good morning!

Firt of all, thanks a lot for your leaving a comment on my blog. Nice to meet you!

Well, growing alliums in CA? I don't know... they need freezy temperatures in winter, otherwise they would not bloom in early summer....

That enamel bowl looks wonderful with all those flowers!

Warm wishes from Germany

Mette said...

Lovely enamel and a delicate blanket. Rain can be a true comfort some times. I remember I missed it during my stay as an exchange student in Brisbane, Australia. I missed the excuse of having to stay inside, cuddle up and dring hot choclate.

Alice said...

Exquisito nido... tan bello lugar para estar en días lluviosos...

Carola Zajdman said...

Qué linda manta con esos colores y esas flores .....beso grande !