Monday, January 3, 2011


i have crossed the threshold of a new year. i have only taken a few steps but already i feel as if the change in chapter is but that, a new chapter. and, as i celebrated the arrival of 2011, in the midst of partying, my first thought was a realization that MY CUP IS FULL. i have, above all, health and my six senses without which i wouldn't really amount to much.  i have love a plenty both from and for family and friends, i am happy with little and have more than i could possibly deserve. my life has been interesting and challenging, i have learned and grown. yes, my cup is full, it actually full, that everything that should happen to me from this day forth will be added gifts, bonuses.  

 the new year was spent 'neath the stars in a small seaside resort called papudo on the pacific coast of chile watching the most amazing spectacle of fireworks i have ever seen, up close, with a glass of champagne in hand and friends around me cheering and hundreds of people from all walks of life dressed carnival-style.

 we then headed home to the summer home of our hosts, sara and andrew, a chilean-australian couple of geologists who had provided a full rack of lamb basted in rosemary and mint for dinner, the other guests, their niece ale and her husband ricardo and their son maxi, isabel, their housekeeper and my close friend anita.  there we ate and drank "the chilean way" and vowed to await dawn.

sara & andrew
 only three of us made it, sara, myself and isabel.  sara and i then went for a long walk along the beach promenade watching the sky slowly turn from a dark blue to light.  we had welcomed the new year in true form.  a few hours of profound sleep were enough to allow us to continue with two more days of celebration, eating, drinking,eating, drinking, eating, drinking, on and on and on with small breaks sunbathing on the beach, walking around the village, reading, listening to music, conversing, visiting the avocado farm of the hosts in la ligua.

 mucho vino

machas a la permesana


happy new year!


audrey said...

I have really been enjoying your visit to Chile. I love the photos you are posting ~ so many beautiful colorful things to see. I know you are on business there, but it sounds like you are visiting with good people, eating wonderful food, and making the most of your trip.
I bet you will be happy to return home eventually and see your family.
Tonight, I read your post on "books". I agree with you on so much!! I really can't believe that books will ever be a thing of the past, though. Too many people LOVE books. My most favorite place to go is Barnes and Noble. What would I do if it were to close? OH NO!!
I, too, have many many many books and it is a hardship to pack them when moving, but I have done it over and over!
There are a couple of things in your shop I want to purchase. I will wait till you return. Send me an email when you get home, please. I'll send you an order then.
Please keep posting about your time in Chile.
Happy New Year!!
♥ audrey

Deb said...

I looks like you had a fabulous holiday. Your cup IS full and after reading your post, I realized that mine is as a different way, but full nonetheless. Chile sounds lovely. I am not fortunate enough to be able to travel overseas, but I can enjoy your descriptions.

So funny....I have that same little Sony radio that I use for work.

Happy New Year!

KathyB. said...

Oh what a wonderful and special way to enter into the new year~ HAPPY & BLESSED NEW YEAR to you and yours. I completely agree with and echo your sentiments about that full and overflowing cup of blessings. Beautiful post, sharing with friends food, fellowship, love, blessings~

Tina Eudora said...

It sounds like the perfect way to start the New Year, good food and good friends, what a great memory!
Tina xo

Mar said...

I just needed to read your post to realize how full my own cup was too. Thanks so much for those wonderful pictures & words about my loving Chile!
You enjoy yourself there & have a happy new year!!!

maria eugenia said...

hola,vives en chile?,no pude conectar el traductor...saludos...

parTea lady said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful New Year celebration. Thanks for sharing all the great photos of your trip.