Monday, November 29, 2010

chile beckons once again.  wednesday i aboard a 14 hour flight down the panamerican coast duty bound.  so these next few days you will find me focused on last minute arrangements, making sure all the right things are gathered.  so many things one cannot forget.  first and foremost my camera and my netbook, my rosary and prayer book, my passport and chilean documents, bus pass, id.  and ofcourse knitting needles and thread just in case i should get fidgety, a good book (made sure of stopping by barnes & noble yesterday and picked up a great biography on teddy roosevelt.  i have now read the lives of all the most important presidents and have become an expert on american history), tums, advils, perfume, the basic black dress, the basic white dress, a bathing suit, tons of clean underwear, the list goes on and on.  not to mention gifts for two newborn babies and friends.  and leaving all the upcoming bills paid in advance lest i should be charged late fees.  thankfully my head is in a better space now and i think i have covered it all.

i have also decided to make this an adventurous trip in between the paperwork and bureaucracy.  so have been looking up short trips to mendoza, argentina and little cabins on the coast where i could possibly escape to with a friend or two.  driving distances between santiago and the coast and/or the mountains are very short; remember chile is a very long, narrow country.

it will be sunny i repeat to myself.  it will be sunny or i shall make it sunny. no woes this time around.
i will miss all of you and think of you, hopefully making time to visit and comment on your lives and surroundings.  i carry you with you, i carry you in my heart.


sukey said...

travel safe and hurry back! all will be fine.

maría cecilia said...

lentes de sol, chalitas varias y bototos por si subes los cerros otra vez, no te olvides que en stgo. y en la playa hace un frio de locos en las noches, y en el día, tú sabes, calor y calor como siempre... adaptador de corriente para tus electrónicos (los enchufes son diferentes, acuérdate), cuaderno para la vitácora con tu lápiz favorito, el vestido que compraste en el persa, ese bien romántico, por supuesto!! tu tintura de pelo favorita,sino te doy el dato de la mía que es excelente, fácil de poner y barata, pinzas, lima de uñas, pintura uñas para que las patitas estén lindas, es el momento de mostrar los piecesitos... y si me acuerdo de algo más te escribo.
nos vemos mi querida!!!!

Colorin Colorado... said...

Me anoto la lista de Ceci, me viene re bien para mi viaje! Connie, que tengas un hermoso viaje y que sea mucho mejor de lo que te esperás...por alguna razón siento que no estás muy convencida de ir :(
Pensá que hay gente que te está esperando y va a estar tan feliz de verte!

PeregrineBlue said...

marcela: si, no muy convencida porque solo voy a terminar asuntos legales tras la muerte de mi madre y a tramites. pero alla me esperan mis amiguis que siempre irradian luz en mi vida, esa sera mi recompensa.

Cabin and Cottage said...

Thanks for the good words! Bon Voyage, and Safari Mizuri!! Jacqueline

KathyB. said...

Travel with joy in your heart no matter what!Your travel list is very good and seems to insure you will have the necessities.The embellishments and highlights of your trip are yours to add~

audrey said...

Have a safe trip. I will hold you in my thoughts while you are away.
Enjoy yourself.
♥ audrey

Auntie Bliss said...

Oh I love that little cabin!!!
That place looks so much like many spots here in Kentucky :)
Have fun!!! Take pictures for us :)

Amy said...

Enjoy yourself, be happy, take deep breaths and smile.