Friday, October 1, 2010

i'm in trouble!  big trouble!  since I just discovered that Rachel Ashwell of Simply Shabby Chic has come out with a new line of linens and vintage inspired items.  When my daughter told me i could not resist hopping right into the car and heading for Target where some of her new items have arrived.  miraculously there were still some on the shelves, we all go crazy over rachel.  i got her linen curtains for starters and set my heart on a quilt for the guest room which i am slowly re-doing.

...and if there's anything i can't resist it's temptation for such pretty things


maría cecilia said...

Vi tu post completo, BELLÍSIMO!! y luego al final partí a such pretty things y ahí me perdí... en cuánto venderán esos enamelwares...?? mmmm...
Què ganas de que Rachel A. llegue a Chile... sería mi perdición!!
abrazos del alma

raquel said...

todo super bello

Janny said...

What a wonderful blog you have. I became more and more quiet....!!
I will follow this blog !!
smiles, Janny