Friday, September 3, 2010

this is my message to you for today; you all know who you are.  this is one of my favorite images by anahata katkin of Papaya.  so much so that i have several of her cards framed in my home. 

starting to pack. starting slow, with just the essentials and putting quite a bit in storage for a while so as not to overwhelm the new house.  this, however, is one of those must-bring-with-me items. 

funny thing, more than anything else, i have been listening to music since i returned since i didn't have a radio while away.  so listening to all my playlists has been awesome and a passion lighter; music is so essential to the soul.

i'm anxious to get settled and to start decorating, planting, sowing, smelling, listening, at peace and settled in once more.  the weather is still warm yet breezy so will catch my favorite season here.
love to you all, i miss you all so much.  talking to you all on a daily basis and listening to your stories.


maría cecilia said...

Que rico reencontrarse con todas tus cositas amadas, muy preciosa imagen!!!!
què hora serà por esos lados??
aquí las 15:42 en este momento.
Necesito conocer tu nuevo jardin, la casa por fuera y por dentro!!!!
Aquì yo en la cocina escuchando al Rumpi y las historias de las relaciones en chile.... no es música precisamente pero es muy divertido!!!!
abrazos miles amiga....

Jo Archer said...

I love going through old stuff and digging out things you haven't seen or heard for ages. There's a reason why we horde so much!

Good luck in your new home. x

Colorin Colorado... said...

Ver tus cosas después de tanto tiempo es como Christmas all over again! Como Maria Cecilia, me quedo esperando fotos del lugar nuevo!

ale balanzario said...

Hola, muchas gracias por tu lindo comentario y visita,
Me dio mucho gusto leer tu comentario y ver que te interesas por alguna cosita de las que hago, si claro que las vendo!!, me daría mucho gusto.
enviame un mail diciendome, que es lo que te gusto.

Un abrazo.

sukey said...

are you actually back in country? if so welcome, home!

peregrineblue said...

Yes, I'm finally home for a couple of months. I still have to go back to sign a loadful of paperwork but I needed to take a break.

Love to you all who think and support me.

maría cecilia said...

Mi querida Connie, te envío mucha energía y alegría para el proceso de cambio de casa... que sè por experiencia propia que es tan agotador, y al mismo tiempo tan motivador!!!!
abrazos primaverales amigui!!!!
maria cecilia