Tuesday, August 24, 2010

good morning blogland.  paty's anniversary has come and gone and life takes on that quality of "today is the first day of the rest our lives".  i sorted through quite a few of my recent antique finds, the ones that will travel home with me.  the painting of the violets is an absolute treasure for keeps.  old old old with a chippy frame.  wild violets are my favorite flower together with peonies, but violets hold a special place in my heart because of their tinyness and how they love to show off after the rain.  and ofcourse their scent.  it was a blue-find day when i found the painting because later that day i found another
enamelware set that maria cecilia has taught me to appreciate.  this is a light blue bucket with lid and a wash basin.  enamelware was the porcelain of the poorer people.  in chile the country folk could not afford the expensive porcelain imported from germany, france and england so settled for the cheaper versions in enamel.  they are becoming quite rare so finding this piece was an allelujah.

please do not think for one moment that my world is merely centered on the material things.  i know, from experience, that life is not all peaches and roses. but under the surface we are all in this together, seeking, rescueing what beauty remains amidst the chaos and disappointment, the contradictions within our societies.  all i seek is to cling to beauty, make it a postive affirmation so we can, in togetherness, find solace in that utimate goal which is BEAUTY.  the ugliness of the world, the disappointments we must bury quick, see them as tests of endurance, yet understand that only with a positive approach and a clean, wholesome heart, good will always triumphs over evil, and we all know there's plenty of it.  Let's all turn our backs to it, deny it, exorcise it and let our postiveness, our energy previal.
AMEN (humbly asking for forgiveness for my sentimentality)


Colorin Colorado... said...

I hope Maria Cristina and you would leave some enamelware for me to find, buy and enjoy! LOL!
When are you coming back...are you ready yet?

ale said...

divinos tesoros connie!!!! vas a tener que alquilar un container del puerto para llevarte todos tus hallazgos!!jajaaa!!me encanto el cuadro de las violetas!!besos gigantes !!! y besos y feliz aniversario para patty y jorge!!divinas fotos!!!!!!

María Elena said...

Hola, gracias por tu comentario, muchas veces quedo con la duda si mi traducción está correcta o no. Mi inglés es básico y relacionado con lo que yo hago, ya no participo en "challenges" motivo por cual hice el blog bilingüe, pero sigo escribiéndolo así por respeto a tres o cuatro personas que me siguen fuera de hispanoamérica.

maría cecilia said...

Hola mi querida, estoy maravillada con tus hallazgos, todo realmente maravilloso. Lindo, lindo el enlozado y ese cuadro de violetas precioso!!
(Estoy muy triste, ayer pasè por una intervención quirúrgica y me quedè bajoneada... hacía tiempo que no me pasaba...)

raquel said...

una belleza me encanto el portón de entrada bello ,bello