Thursday, April 2, 2009

my pincushions


i have been missing from action since i had a bit of a scare the other night when my heart decided to go "thump in the night". major hyperventilation and hearthrobs at 95 a minute. i just took it easy for a couple of days, read a lot, rested and tried to re-think my routines; i have been working way into the night which is probably why my heart said "wait a minute" or rather "i need to go faster to catch up with your mind".

so there, 'tis true what Bette Davis said that "ageing is not for sissys". especially now that i have my life pretty much sorted out, have reached that much-awaited atability and the children have flown the coop. i can finally do all the things i couldn't do. murphy doesn't seem to think so, though does he.
very few things coming to fruition artwise but ok with it. thank goodness MAMMA keeps me stimulated and at least a few ATCs do get finished. what i really want to do though is dig into the paints and fabrics and start painting canvases so this week will order some modelling pastes and canvases from the blick and get to it.


Jan said...

Oooh, scary. I do hope you are ok now my friend. Do take care. We tend to think we are immortal and push ourselves to the limit.
I absoloutely adore your pincushions!

Shelly said...

My goodness, what a scare indeed !! Take it easy and rest up. You've done wonderful work recently. Just breathe now for a while.