Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ideas for my Sanctuary

I'm homesick. AGAIN. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to Chile. I know I mention it at least once a day in my conversations.

Today I spent most of the day browsing through some pre-fab homes websites to start to get solid ideas about the house in Puerto Varas. Mi casita, mi santuario, mi ruca, mi chacra. I need to look up some native plants too because my idea is to plant native plants, trees and flowers. I have always wanted to do a shrine too, a long winding road down the side of the property where people can come and light candles day or night, say a prayer, be at peace. It will be non-denominational with religious art from all religions.

My collection is now huge, all packed in boxes since I have so much from Peru and Mexico and Chile.
I miss my friends,the ones I used to get really silly with. Mairene and Anita & Paty.

I miss La Plaza del Mulato Gil, mis poetas Nicanor y Gonzalo.

I miss taking the metro all over the city and WALKING. Here in California we never walk and it's NOT HEALTHY. I will make it a commitment to walk to the movie theatre one night instead of driving.

My eye hurts so be continued.

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