Friday, May 9, 2008

Work in Progress Crochet

What a week. Bernardita came over to stay for several days and we went all over looking for cottons and yarns to begin the knitting and crochet phase anew. I have decided I must stay away from looking at other people's work and concentrate on looking within to picture my own fantasies and illusions. Only in this way can I really bring out my TRUE expression and materilaize it. An inspired work is good once in a while but I feel it really misleads me and frustrates me more than satisfy my creative instinct.

I began this crochet mobile with an old piece of driftwood I sanded. Lots of different sized cotton crochet circles will become a hanging rainbow of colors over a door frame.

Outside my window, my garden speaks to me. The colors are almost fluorescent. Watering in the evening is a happy ritual.

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