Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Domino Art Doll for Swap and Self Portriat

Oh it's good to be HOME! Fresh strawberries (it's Spring here), my comfy bed, the view of the orange trees from my bedroom windows and family, not to mention a great book (American Sphinx-A Jefferson Biography) and the HBO miniseries about John & Abigail Adams which I have always admired.

It has taken me a week to settle in, re-group and re-think what my next goals are. I had such a good time, outing every day non-stop for 35 days that I kind of got used to vacation mode and coming home has been a cultural shock of sorts.

Thank God for challenges. The first is a domino doll swap I had signed up for prior to leaving and the second is a self-portrait for the ZNE network. The self-portrait will be more difficult since we were only given a 4x4 inch space to work on. I'm still debating whether it will be my face or my whole being.

Spring will be refereshing to start plans for Phase II of my new land in Bosque Vida, Chile. I have envisioned a large loft-style house with a big deck overlooking the native trees. Ofcourse there will also be a long walkway for neighbors and friends which will lead to a grotto filled with the religious icons, sculptures, paintings and carvings I have collected over the years. They will be able to come to pray, light candles, be quiet or just meditate. Hopefully I can create a man-made water cascade for serenity.


Jan said...

She is LOVELY Constanza - I am hoping that she is for ME!!! I LOVE the little crocheted dress and her little legs and shoes and the little crown on her head. Ooh, I DO hope she is for me!
Your blog is very inspiring and spiritual

Claudia said...

Bosque Vida es un gran nombre, Constanza, mucho éxito en todo, a ver si por allá nos vemos algún día. Es un sueño que tenemos mi hermana y yo, y nuestros respectivos compañeros... el sur de Chile ("La cordillera alta me espera, sobre las nubes vuela el aliento" - Los Jaivas). Besito. Clau